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About Dr Bear Clinic

Trusted Pediatric & Compassionate Pediatric Care

Welcome to our world, where little laughs light up the hallways and tiny triumphs are celebrated every day.

We're more than just a pediatric clinic; We're a sanctuary for childhood wellness and a haven of hope for anxious parents.

Our team of compassionate and experienced pediatric professionals are dedicated to nurturing the health, growth and happiness of every child.

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Years of experience

as Pediatrician

Dr. Siddarth Warad

MBBS. MD (General Pediatrics)


Fellowship (Neonatology - UK)

P.G CERT (Health and Wellbeing - UK)

Neonatal Care

Preventive and Routine Care

Developmental Pediatrics

Collaborative Parental Guidance

Our commitment to ongoing learning, coupled with our empathetic approach, ensures that your child receives the highest level of care.

We stay at the forefront of medical advancement to provide the most effective and advanced treatment available.


Treatment & Services

Acute Illness Management

We specialize in comprehensive management of illness in children, offering expert care and support to help your child return back to health.

We help manage:

  • Common colds and flu
  • Infections
  • Minor injuries & many more..

Check-Up & Vaccinations

Regular check-up & essential vaccinations for children of all ages to ensure their healthy growth and development.

We expertize in:

  • Regular health check-ups
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutritional advice

Developmental & Behavioral Management

Monitoring a child's progress in areas such as speech, motor skills, cognitive abilities and social interactions

We provide:

  • Parent Education and Support
  • Parenting advice
  • Counseling and behavioral modification plans

Why Choose Us?

At our clinic,we nurture the overall health and well-being of the child along with building lasting relationships with our patients.

Expert Medical Team:

Our clinic is staffed with experienced and highly qualified healthcare professionals dedicated to providing the best medical care

Patient-Centered Care

Our approach ensures that you feel heard, respected, and valued at every step of your healthcare journey.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

From advanced diagnostic tools to comfortable patient rooms, we ensure a seamless and efficient healthcare experience.

Commitment to Prevention and Wellness

Beyond treating illness, we focus on preventive care to keep you healthy to empower you in maintaining long-term health..

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Clinic Visit

In-Person Emergency Clinic Visits

For urgent health issues requiring prompt assessment and response, as well as for in-depth physical examinations crucial for precise diagnosis and evaluation of a patient's health, it is advisable to schedule a visit to the clinic with an appointment.

Telehealth Services.

Telehealth Services.

Remote consultations enable parents to conveniently discuss their child's health concerns with healthcare professionals through phone or video calls, making it easier to seek advice, receive diagnoses, and follow up on treatments

Sheduled Visits

Scheduled follow-up appointment.

Our vaccination services are crucial for maintaining individual and community health, offering protection against various preventable diseases through essential immunizations

#11, opposite Reliance Pinnacle, NGEF Layout, Mallathahalli, Bengaluru

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